For Athletes


Research has clearly shown that both male and female athletes are at increased risk for the development of an eating disorder. With this in mind, Hynes Recovery Services has created a local team of health care practitioners with great expertise in this area. In addition to their clinical skills, each team member is a skilled presenter who can also provide training and consultation services to athletic departments throughout Massachusetts. (Also included in this directory are experts outside of MA who are available to provide consultation and training support nationwide). Please click on the directory to the right to learn about each team member, as well as other treatment resources available to the students in your care.

"If you are a family seeking to quickly find support and guidance for yourself or a loved one, Dawn Hynes is THE resource. When a former international figure skating client called me in crisis, Dawn Hynes was my first phone call. She immediately took action and by the next day this athlete was in therapy. Dawn's follow-up was extensive, even staying connected with this athlete to insure that the proper resources were in place as she transferred colleges. I consistently refer coaches, athletes, families and sports organizations to her as she is a “must-have” on your call list!"

– Caroline Silby, Ph.D. – Sport psychology consultant, author of Games Girls Play: Understanding and Guiding Young Female Athletes